Measuring Our Success

The quality and safety of care remains at the heart of everything we do. We want to ensure that the NHS services we commission for you are delivering high quality care, and therefore it is important that we are clear about the standards of care we expect of the providers of health care.

When we describe quality we consider these key areas:

  • Experience - How does the health care journey feel for you and your family, carers and friends?
  • Safety - Will the treatment or health care cause you any harm?
  • Effectiveness - Does your treatment or health care work?

Quality in Our Local Hospitals and Community Services

Every contract we have with a provider contains a number of sections. One of these is the quality schedule which contains the standards of care we expect from services provided for local people. They have been developed by senior clinical staff (doctors, nurses and other professions). We have regular meetings with our providers to discuss their performance against these standards. Our largest providers are the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. We have agreed a range of quality indicators and measures that we monitor to ensure that standards are maintained. Read more about our quality schedules.

Patient Safety Indicators bringing together existing and new data in one place for the first time on NHS Choices became available to the public to view in June 2014.This is part of the NHS journey to become completely open and transparent in the care it provides to local communities. There are a total of 8 indicators now available to view on NHS Choices for acute hospital services.

Quality in General Practice

We also need to make sure that the services we offer within our General Practices are of a high quality. As with the providers mentioned above there are a range of quality indicators and measures in place that allow us to see how well our practices care for their patients. Some indicators are set nationally and are part of a practices national contract, called the Quality and Outcomes Framework. Others are developed locally, drawing on the wealth of data available and through discussion with our clinical leaders and General Practices.