Our Savings Plan

In 2016 we published Our Savings Plan to highlight the financial challenges facing the local NHS and the savings plan to help bridge the gap.

With demand for local health and care services rising faster than our budget, this was just the start of an ongoing conversation with the people of West Cheshire about how best to ensure a sustainable, high-quality local health and care system – both now and in the future.

Now, 12 months on, it is important to update you on the progress of the initiatives identified in 2016/17, to set out our plans for 2017/18 and to continue to discuss the priorities and direction of the local NHS with you.

Our Savings Plan 2017/18 is just part of our ongoing drive to ensure the people of West Cheshire receive better health, better care and better value. It will continue to provide a focus for our ongoing engagement with clinicians, partner organisations and the people of West Cheshire in 2017/18.

We achieved more than £8m worth of savings in 2016/17 but this still left the clinical commissioning group with a year-end deficit of £5.7m. If we continue to buy services in the same way as last year we will spend £11.7m more than our budget in 2017/18.

To address this we need to find ways of reducing costs in some areas in order to protect other essential services. Many of the initiatives implemented in 2016/17 are planned to continue in 2017/18.

We want to hear your views on the financial challenges we face and the important decisions that need to be made this year and beyond.

To read Our Savings Plan 2017/18, please click on the link below:

Our Savings Plan 2017/18

Our Savings Plan 2016/17