Joining up Care

Moving towards an Integrated Care Partnership

It has been clear for some time that working harder in a fragmented and reactive way is not the answer. Rather the local health and care system needs to work differently by providing more care in people’s homes and the community by breaking down barriers between services. Greater priority will be given to the prevention of ill health and the wider determinants of wellbeing.

By successfully joining up health and care more local people should:

  • Be safe and feel supported
  • Enjoy long and happy lives
  • Access the right care, in the right place when they need it
  • Only have to tell their story once
  • Be happy with their care
  • Be able to look after themselves and stay well
  • Avoid going to hospital if they don’t need to
  • Avoid staying in hospital too long
  • Recover quickly

A draft public document has been developed in collaboration by the local NHS and Cheshire West and Chester Council which articulates the vision, aims and changes envisaged through the development of an Integrated Care Partnership.

Joining up Care

One of the areas in which we are successfully joining up care in West Cheshire is through our approach to ‘personalised commissioning’ which is improving people’s health and wellbeing outcomes and experience of care, by involving them more fully in designing care and support around their individual needs and circumstances.

This presentation - accessed via the link below - describes how personalised commissioning is benefiting local people in our ‘Care Communities’.

Personalised Commissioning